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Experience Hope Child Africa

Hope Child Africa is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to enabling education, a safe home and a supporting environment to assist with the positive development of the Hope Children.The Hope Children are orphans and underprivileged children located in Mombasa, Kenya.We aim to change the life path of the Hope Children who have previously been subjected to a life of suffering and poverty.

Care for the Hope Children is provided throughout their childhood to adolescent years. Our support is enabled through public awareness, social media, fundraising, volunteers, donations and sponsorships for which the outcome is aimed to meet the needs of the children, including:

  • School fees, school uniforms and stationery needs

  • a safe home environment

  • a balanced nutritional diet

  • mother carers

  • medical attention

  • a positive environment where the children are encouraged with physical activity, learning, and sustainability projects within their home

The Hope Children live in a fully catered house in a village in close proximity to schools, hospitals and recreational facilities.  The children are cared for by house mothers, all attend school, are encouraged to learn and receive medical attention where necessary. 

International volunteers visit the Hope Children from time to time and provide support by way of activities, excursions, education and resourcing the home where they see needs.

We welcome sponsors, donors and volunteers to join our life changing cause. 

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Our Land Build & Sustainability Project

Hope Child Africa has acquired 1 acre of amazing tropical land situated in Kikambala, Mombasa.  The land has a primary school and high school nearby and it’s just a short stroll to the beach!  To have our very own land in a location so suitable has brought Hope Child Africa one step closer to realising our dream to build our very own children’s home and community project to enable us help and assist the local poverty stricken community.   Our goal is to now raise $100,000 to build: 

  • A fully secured gated children’s home for up to 40 children;

  • An undercover outdoor area;

  • Separate accommodation for volunteers;

  • An area for breeding chickens/egg produce;

  • Garden/Vegetation & play area;

  • Medical consulting room;

  • A library;

  • Storage & Office area;

  • A security hut at the front;

We welcome you to set up a fundraiser, donate or help us reach our goal.  Every life matters.  Together we make change. 

Home: Welcome

Giving hope

We believe that every single life matters. 

Together we create positive change in each life we touch.  

Join with us and make a difference.  

Hope Child Africa (ABN: 82 157 747 272) is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations of $2 or more to Hope Child Africa are tax deductible in Australia.

Hope Child Africa is a registered Non-For-Profit organisation in Australia.  

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Become a "Give Hope" Sponsor

The Give Hope Sponsor Program enables individuals to help change the life of a child living in Mombasa, Kenya. Each child was born into poverty on the slums of Mombasa, and through the work of Hope Child Africa has been given a home, a good education, care and a chance for a better life.

Our children are referred to our children’s home from the Kenyan Social Security, by Children’s Officers who understand and approve of how we care for our children. The children are transferred from a Rescue Centre and are either orphans, badly abused or abandoned and are always in desperate need of care by way of a home, love, nutrition and education.

We’ve shown these children hope is possible, now we welcome you to give them hope for the future.


Become a Volunteer

Would you like the opportunity to work with Children in need ?

Volunteer with Hope Child Africa and have the opportunity to work with the Hope Children in Mombasa, Kenya.   You can assist on our project working with orphans and underprivileged children who need your assistance.

Helping the Hope Children means assisting orphans and abandoned children in things like teaching, playing games, gardening, sports activities, health, hygiene, science, English, and on-going educational needs.  The children all go to school, so some of your activities will happen outside of normal school hours.  At all times, our caretakers will be there to assist. 

We encourage you to plan activities and a daily schedule for your time on our project, to be approved.  This will help you to organise yourself and get the most out of your Volunteer experience.  

You will be considered an important role model as you will make lasting memories for the Hope Children, so you will be expected to provide proper guidance. 

To help you enjoy your stay in Mombasa, we will help you with your accommodation and orientation. 

Volunteering in Kenya will give you a great opportunity to explore the African wildlife, doing safaris in your spare time and enjoy the beach life, whilst giving back!

We encourage you to do some fundraising within your own home town so you may be able to treat the children, for example transporting them to the beach and providing lunch and sodas. 

Minimum requirements:

  • 18yrs +

  • Working with Children Certificate

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